On the road with Nova from Scars on 45

British alt-rock ensemble Scars on 45 make yearning, melodic pop that combines the big guitar rock of Oasis with the melodic, country-influenced sound of Fleetwood Mac. Formed in Bradford, Yorkshire around 2007, Scars on 45 began as a duo after former football-mates, singer/songwriter Danny Bemrose and bassist Stuart Nichols, started writing songs together. Eventually the band expanded to include keyboardist David 'Nova' Nowakowski, vocalist Aimee Driver, and drummer Chris Durling. While the group developed a local following, it wasn't until their song "Beauty's Running Wild" was used in a 2009 episode of the CBS television drama CSI:New York that Scars on 45 caught the attention of the wider music industry. In 2011, buoyed by that success and a record deal with the Chop Shop label, they released two EPs, including Give Me Something and Heart on Fire, the latter's title cut appeared on the Grey’s Anatomy, Vol. 4 soundtrack. In 2012, Scars on 45 released its self-titled debut album featuring the single, "Heart on Fire." ~ Matt Collar, Rovi

JLab recently sat down with keyboardist and JLab Ambassador David 'Nova' Nowakowski to discuss life on the road and why he is a fan of JLab.

JLab: How long have you been playing the keyboard? 

Nova: I've been playing the keyboard since the age of 4. At age 13, I started off with piano lessons then ended up playing church organ for funerals and weddings. I didn't play in my first band until I was 16. 


JLab: What is your favorite thing about being on tour?

Nova: I have a few favorite things... I love touring and traveling. At a young age my family always had a passion to travel around and visit new cities. I'm so fortunate to be touring with my best friends and also playing music. America is one huge country! When touring around you discover so much about individual states, the amazing people and unbelievable food! I think if we never toured again I would go home with a smile on my face because of the experience and memories that will stay with me forever. 


JLab: What music do you listen to before a show?

Nova: Honestly? I don't personally. I like to relax and chill with vodka soda! I really need to focus on the show before I hit the stage, and make sure all my energy goes into that performance.  I still get nervous before I go on no matter where I'm performing, even when  doing radio interviews/performances. However we now have the new Crasher speaker which sounds great, so we might have to blast some tunes out after the shows! 


JLab: What are the most important features in a headphone and/or earbud?

Nova: It's a funny thought but with headphones it's having them fit first of all. I have a large head (it runs in the family) so having the headphones being comfortable is important! I also really like a good, clear sounding clarity in a headphone. The earbuds are a similar scenario and the fitting is equally important. 


JLab: What's your favorite JLab earbud? 

Nova: I've been using the GLAM earbuds for two years now. Not only for personal use but I also use them on stage when playing live. Again, they feel comfortable and look great with a perfect sound throughout. 


JLab: What is your favorite JLab headphone?

Nova: First time I experienced the OMNI headphone was recently while being on tour. The OMNI looks great and feels great! The sound is really good with a good balance of both treble and bass. The best feature for me is the Bluetooth compatibility which can be connected to two devices at anyone time. The left side of the headphone has a control system which is convenient and also runs through your apple device through Siri which is cool. Also not forgetting the use of handsfree calling with its built in mic on the headphone itself. Cool design amazing headphone worth checking out guys!  


JLab: If you had to pick three words to describe the OMNI, what would they be?

Nova: Comfortable. Slick. Sexy. 


To preview their new album "Safety In Numbers" visit MTV.com 

September 26, 2014

Digital Trends First Look of the OMNI

Digital Trends was one of the first to see the OMNI, Premium Wireless Headphones. 


Here's what they had to say...


September 16, 2014

JBuddies Show Up In A Chevy

Over the weekend you may have noticed a pair of stunning pink headphones in the Chevy Malibu commercial. Your eyes did not fool you! Those are in fact our JBuddies, Kid Headphones

We've Re-Imagined the BOMBORA, Now Available at T-Mobile

The re-imagined Bombora includes three new colorways, updated memory foam cushions and JLab's C3™ (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology. The latest color designs include, matte-midnight black/gunmetal, matte- deville brown/gold and matte-prism purple/grigio gray. The Bombora is now available in T-Mobile locations nationwide,  $59.99.


"We continually strive to reimagine portable audio – and that includes improving our own products," said JLab Audio President, Win Cramer."With a completely new look and feel, along with C3™ sound and memory foam, our meticulous updates to the Bombora are sure to please fans." 

The Bombora delivers a world class mix of sound, style and comfort that is sure to hit hard among audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. Inspired by an aboriginal name for large, powerful sea waves, the Bombora features 40mm finely tuned full range drivers and JLab's C3™ (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology; creating an amazingly warm and rich listening experience for any genre. Over-the-ear, fully-isolating ear cups allow listeners to submerge in music the way it was meant to be heard.

Designed to provide a flawless fit for extended play time, the Bombora features custom contouring memory foam ear cushions, hand stitched with baby soft micro-suede and an air-quilted adjustable headband for unsurpassed, long-lasting comfort. The Bombora comes standard with a removable, anti-tangle woven nylon flat cable with in-line mic. The removable cable allows for ease of compatibility with any portable device that uses a standard 3.5mm audio jack including: iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows Phones or Tablets, Blackberries, among others.

OMNI, Premium Wireless Headphones

After 12 months of hard work and brilliant engineering we're proud to introduce JLab's FIRST Bluetooth headphone-The OMNI.


Discover luxurious comfort and effortless control with the JLab OMNI wireless headphones.  Providing incredible C3™ sound and loads of clever features, the OMNI wireless headphones will become a staple for your music, video and entertainment. Rock it out!

Incredible Sound:

C3™(Crystal Clear Clarity) technology delivers a clean, crisp, immersive sound with vibrant highs, mids and a pumping bass through pristine high performance 40mm drivers. Pump it up!

Endless Comfort:

Designed with premium materials from top to bottom. Eco Leather™ fully embracing Cloud Foam™ Cushions and Plush Cross-Stitched Headband guarantees endless comfort. Relax. Enjoy.


A foldable design with custom, industrial grade hinges collapse into the palm of your hand for easy storage in the included travel case. OMNI is trains, planes and automobiles friendly.

Bluetooth 4.0:

Free your music from cumbersome wires with the magic of Bluetooth. Stream your music from up to 30ft away or plug in with the included aux flat cable. The OMNI is ready to party with your favorite portable devices, anytime, anywhere.

Universal Mic

Go ahead and give your Mom a call control - with a mic both in the flat, tangle free cable and the headphones. Make calls, use SIRI, it’s all effortless.

10 Hour Play Time

Up to 10 Hours of mind blowing sound between charges.

Share your music

With the simple flip of a switch convert your JLab OMNI into a Bluetooth receiver. Share your music with another headphone or plug into your car or home stereo and instantly transform them into a wireless studio with the In/Out Aux cable.

Volume and Track Wheel

After hours of reimagining how Bluetooth headphones should function – we nailed it.  Featuring LED lights and a brushed metal finish, the Volume and Track wheel changes the game with ease and function.

In the Details: 

  • Plush Cross-Stitched Cushion Foldable Headband with Eco Leather™
  • Cloud Foam™ Cushion with Eco Leather™ Earpads
  • Universal Mic with Track Control
  • Aux Flat Tangle Free cord
  • Universal USB to micro USB cord
  • Plush Travel Case

Crashing the Party Just Got Better...

Crasher 2.0 has arrived. Now with louder C3™ sound, a customizable skin and the best battery in its class, the Crasher 2.0 Bluetooth speaker is ready to rock! Amp up the party by connecting multiple Crashers for righteous sound. And at the same time you can charge your cell or tablet, or make a call.  It’s the jack-of-all-trades portable speaker with ultimate power.

Sound: Now plays louder! Crasher 2.0 features C3™ technology with two hi-fi drivers for ‘so fresh and so clean’ mids and highs for warm, rich room filling sound while the rear passive subwoofer pumps enough bass to wake the neighbors. 

Free Skinit®: A complimentary Skinit speaker wrap lets you add your own style. Choose from all pro sports teams, colleges, entertainment brands or create your own. With easy application and a residue-free removal, you can change up your style as frequently as you like. The durable vinyl material will stick directly to the Crasher protecting against daily scuffs and scratches.

Playtime: Outlasting its wet blanket competitors, the Crasher 2.0 boasts 18 hours of playtime (three times the battery life than the JBL Flip 2.0)*. In the words of Abe Lincoln, “Don't stop the party!”

Daisy Chain/Share your Music: Want to amp up the party? With the AUX OUT port you can now connect multiple Crashers to create a daisy chain of sound. Or use Crasher to share your music with another home or car stereo. How’s that for AMP-ability?

Bluetooth: Upgraded with Bluetooth™ 4.0! Free your music from cumbersome wires with the magic of Bluetooth. Stream your music from up to 30ft away or plug in with the included aux flat cable. Crasher is ready to party with your favorite portable devices, anytime, anywhere.

Charging: Need juice? No problem. Crasher is one of the only Bluetooth speakers on the market that can fully charge your smartphone or tablet while it continues to blast your favorite "jock" jams! Plug into the Crasher’s full size USB port and juice up. ABC - Always Be Charging!

Phone Calls: A built-in mic and speaker phone makes taking calls easier than ever, creating the perfect portable conference experience of your white-collar dreams!

Accessories: Crasher comes standard with USB AC Power Adapter, AUX Cable, micro USB Cable, and matching microfiber travel bag.

*Battery power varies by volume and audio content. JLab Crasher 2.0 has battery life of 18 hours tested at medium volume. JBL Flip 2.0 reports 5 hours of battery life (June 2014).

In the details: 

  1. Rugged Metal Body
  2. Full Size USB Port
  3. Speaker Phone with Mic
  4. Aux Connection with Daisy-Chain capabilities
  5. 2 Drivers & Rear Passive Subwoofer
  6. 90dB Volume Max
  7. 1500mAh Battery, 18 hours (Medium Volume)
  8. Bluetooth 4.0 - 30ft Range