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Inside the Lab
Grab Bag Update from the Boss Man
A note from the Boss Man….


First, we want to thank you for your support!  We appreciate everything you do for us and we know that without you, we wouldn't be here. I wanted to personally give you an update on the Grab Bags - and hopefully provide a little clarity. I want to be clear:  nothing here is an excuse.  We need to do better.  We will do better.  We're learning.  We will adjust- and the next time we offer a grab bag promotion, we will try even harder to exceed your expectations.

With that said, here's the lowdown:  If you remember, last year we ran a Grab Bag promotion in June, which completely crashed our servers. Due to overwhelming demand, we couldn't keep the site up.  No matter what we tried, we were unable capture everyone's orders.  We were crushed because we knew we had disappointed our community.  This year, we improvised and partnered with Shopify to host the sale.  And it was a great success!  We launched the sale and woke up to several thousand orders.  Many more than we expected, and we were pumped the cart stayed up. We felt we were able to satisfy demand.  Then came the hard part:  shipping it all.  Our order export from Shopify failed on multiple fronts.  Once we finally had it working with corrected data, we were a few days behind.  While our shipping team of 4 tried hard to ship 20,000 orders, they too were overwhelmed.  So we got them help. However,  the help wasn't trained on our systems or our processes - it took more time than we expected.

Once we got everything 'in the mail’ we realized we made an error with the weight of several shipments, they were returned to JLab and we're in the process of adding postage and get them back to you.  They're coming.

I want to personally apologize for the poor communication and the underwhelming experience.  Rest assured that we WILL learn from this.  We WILL get better.  And we WILL work ever so hard to ensure you, our fans, have an excellent experience.  All of us at JLab thank you for your support.  I personally thank you for your business and dedication to our products and brand.


Hook it up.

Win Cramer

Grab Bag FAQ

1) When will I get my Grab Bag order?

The team is working around the clock to ensure all grab bags ship within 1 - 3 weeks.  Once in transit, packages should arrive within 3-5 business days. If you have not received your order after 4 weeks from purchase, please contact our service team at service@jlabaudio.com.


2) Is tracking available?

No. Due to the high volume of Grab Bag orders received and in order to expedite the shipping process, we are unable to provide tracking on individual orders. Rest assured your order will ship within 1 - 3 weeks and once shipped should arrive within 3-5 business days.


3) The Postal Service charged additional postage on my Grab Bag.

We are here to make it right! Take a picture of the package/receipt and reach out to our service team right away.  We will get it straightened out.


4) Can I update my address?

No.  Due to the high volume of Grab Bag orders received and how many orders are shipping each day, we are unable to edit address information on individual orders.  If there is no one available at the current address to forward this item to you then you can contact the post office to see if you can have this package forwarded.


5) Can I return my Grab Bag for a refund?

No.  As stated on the Grab Bag website, due to the volume of orders received we are unable to accommodate cancellations, returns, or refunds.


6) Can I still purchase a Grab Bag?

No.  JLab's Grab Bag Promotion has ended at this time.  We love this promotion and extending great deals to our fans and there are more Grab Bag specials to come!

Please sign up for an account on JLabAudio.com or like us on Facebook to be notified when the next Grab Bag will take place.


7) I did not receive all my Grab Bag items.  How do I resolve this?

The JLab Grab Bag consists of one product per Grab Bag and to ensure that multiple Grab Bags make it to their destination they may be shipped together in one package.  For instance, if you purchased 1 Grab Bags you should receive 1 JLab products.

If the amount of products you received differs from the amount of Grab Bags you ordered, please contact our service team to confirm what items you received and your order information so we can work towards a prompt resolution.


8) Why was I charged shipping for each Grab Bag?

The $2.50 fee charged is including shipping and handling charges per each Grab Bag and orders under the same name may be packaged together to ensure the arrival of each item as shipping separately leaves more risk for an individual item to be lost in transit.


9) Did I receive refurbished earbuds?

No. None of the Grab Bags contain refurbished earbuds or used items. Some of the Grab Bags may contain replacement items, which is brand new product in different packaging.