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Flex Headphone Technology: Durability & Build

October 07, 2015

JLab Audio Flex Headphone Technology: Durability & BuildBuilt to last, FLEX Headphones feature category-leading materials without the rock-star price.
Flex Headphone Technology: Maximum Portability and Mobility

October 06, 2015

JLab Audio Flex Over-Ear HeadphonesThe Flex Headphones were made with DJ-inspired mobility as a priority because DJs are always moovin' and groovin'.

Flex Headphone Technology: All-Day Guaranteed Comfort

October 05, 2015

  When you find a pair of headphones that make you feel like you're on Cloud 9 while you listen to your favorite tracks, you won't want to listen to music any other way. The Flex Headphones are equipped with Form-Fit™ Earcups ergonomically shaped to the natural outline of the ear.      Mind blowing right? The typical round earcups in the headphone industry today didn't keep in mind that everyone's ears are different. Some ears call for more, or less, room to truly be considered over-ear, so we developed our uniquely shaped earcups with everyone's ears in mind. With three-fourths-inch Cloud Foam, we guarantee the Form-Fit Earcups are the most comfortable headphones you will ever put over your ears (or your money back).    Designed to... Continue Reading →

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