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JLab Audio Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 27, 2016

Fall is officially here and everyone's favorite scary holiday, Halloween, is coming up this weekend so we wanted to help you prepare with some festive JLab Audio pumpkins. No, we're not sending you a pumpkin...below you will find our JLab Audio stencil for you to be an awesome fan and carve your own!  Step 1: Pick out your favorite pumpkins! Step 2: Wash your pumpkins! Step 3: Pick out your favorite stencil! BUT WAIT! We want to see how creative you can get and what you can design with your carving tools, a pumpkin, and hopefully some good jams playing. Oh and did we mention you can win a mystery Crasher Bluetooth Speaker from our Crasher Series?  Here's what you do:... Continue Reading →

Crasher XL Technology Sweepstakes: Features

October 21, 2016

 For your last chance to win in the Crasher XL Technology Sweepstakes, here's everything you need to know about its controls and functions. Learn more on the blog!
Crasher XL Technology Sweepstakes: Playtime

October 20, 2016

 For your third chance to win in our Crasher XL Technology Sweepstakes, we're giving you the low down on its Bluetooth capability and playtime. Learn more and enter to win on the blog!

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