OMNI Bluetooth Headphone Technology: Premium Materials & Durability

June 10, 2015

The OMNI Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones are designed with premium materials from top to bottom ensuring their durability for anyone who wants to #RockItOut free from wires!

Ever heard the saying, "smooth as a baby's bottom"? That is exactly how these ear cups feel as they surround your ear pumping incredible sound. Well, minus the baby's actual bottom, these bad boys are pretty darn smooth. 

JLab Audio OMNI Bluetooth Headphone Earcups

The OMNI's earpads are made with the highest quality Eco Leather available. With a smooth, soft feel over your ears, the Eco Leather fully embraces the inner memory foam cushion. The Cloud Foam™ Cushions are also located under the Plush Cross-Stitched Headband, guarantying endless comfort.

A foldable design with custom, industrial grade hinges allow the OMNI Heaphones to collapse into the palm of your hand. The folding feature allows for easy storage in the included structured, zip up, plush travel case. 

The OMNI's are train, plane and automobile friendly for any rock star on the go. Where are you going to take your OMNI Bluetooth Headphones?

OMNI Word of the Day: Comfort

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Here's how the OMNI Bluetooth Headphones compare in several specs:

JLab Audio OMNI Bluetooth Headphones Competitor Comparison


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October 13, 2015

(Electronics) When I buy earbuds, the most iomprtant thing for me is the sound quality, followed by how comfortable they are in my ears. The J4 delivered on both of these. I was really impressed by the clarity of the sound and the attention to details in the design. I have had to toss other earbuds because of a flimsy jack or cheap connectors. With the J4s, it is pretty clear that they put some thought into trying to build a product that could take a beating. I have owned other JLab products and have always been impressed with their products and customer service. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for an affordable high quality set of earbuds.

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