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June 08, 2015

The OMNI Tech Sweeps has officially ended. Thank you for your participation. Please register for our email list to stay tuned with future sweepstakes and contest:

Every day this week we'll be posting a blog about the OMNI Bluetooth Headphones and a specific technology comparison. At the end of each blog, you'll see an 'OMNI Word of the Day'. Use this word to enter in the OMNI Tech Sweeps below, to win the OMNI Bluetooth Headphones for you and a friend!

Enjoy all of the OMNI Tech Talk coming your way and good luck!


Here's the list of topics we'll cover:


1.Tuesday: Share Your Music 
2.Wednesday: Premium Materials & Durability
3.Thursday: Battery Life
4.Friday: Track Wheel
5.Saturday: High Quality Sound


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August 29, 2015

All I travel a whole lot all most 3time a month I have Owen many different brands of headsets from Bose (which still have) to other big labels headsets. I was waiting on my FLT about a year and a half ago when I moved to a area were I could sit and listen to some music with out anyone messing with me. I took out my Bose when I noticed that my battery was dead. So there I was with this very expensive headphones but could not listen to any music. Because of a dead battery. So I got out my tablet and started to look up headphones on line. Was on line for about 30 Minutes and saw this Utab video about a headset better then beats saw the name JLAB so went on there web pages was impressed with there pieces. Well a week went by when I had a trip come up. So here I was again looking for a AAA battery for you know what. BOSE!!! Don’t get me wrong I think the headsets are very good. They better be for the price!! Anyway I though about my last trip. So I went on line to order the JLAB INTRO (the ones on Utub) for $25 buck why not ! Then I saw there OMNI BLUETOOH coming soon page so I didn’t buy the intro.s and was not sure when the OMNI would go on sell. Well Sept came around and my mother inlaw asked me what I wanted for my Birthday you guested it JLABS. I have had my OMNI HEADPHONES now for about a year use them for all my trips. The funny thing is people always ask me about my headphones. So I tell them this story and of course they tell me about how they have Bose, beats and so on ! And all I say is cool when your battery dies because it will go to and look up OMNI

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