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Bluetooth is a universally used technology for exchanging data (music + audio) over short distances (using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz[4]) from fixed and mobile devices.

While the range of Bluetooth is 30+ feet, the optimal range for any headphone brand with Bluetooth is 2 feet from the phone or device, particularly outdoors when the signal cannot bounce off walls and ceilings. This applies to all brands of Bluetooth headphones and earbuds.

Most JLab wireless Bluetooth products have the antenna in the power/on-off and volume track controls, which is on the right side of the earbuds. The ‘JLab’ text should face away from the body for best results.

Here's an example of Bluetooth functionality on a JLab product:

bluetooth graphic

Why is a signal lost?

Three elements can affect your signal/sound/loss of transmission and produce cutting out audio for any brand headphones:

1. Device (phone, computer, MP3 player).
Older devices may have older Bluetooth technology, which can affect the connection. 

2. Headphones, speakers or the audio receiving device.

3. Your environment.
These elements may interfere with your Bluetooth signal:

  • Moisture (water, rain, sweat) on your headphones/headset
  • Moisture (water, rain, sweat) on your phone, MP3 player, or other audio device
  • Clothing or covers (anything over the top of your headphones/headset or phone/audio device)
  • Low battery in either headphone or phone/device
  • Bluetooth version used in devices
  • Metal objects near Bluetooth on phone/device or headphones/headset (including coins, keys, etc)
  • Other Bluetooth signals (busy locations, trains, conventions may have lots of signals)

Because Bluetooth is a short-distance radio transmission, it must travel to get somewhere (think of how sound travels). Water, liquid or moisture are some of the hardest elements for a signal to travel through and offer the most resistance. Similarly, a person’s body is also one of the hardest elements for a signal to travel through.

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JLab Audio
JLab Audio

January 08, 2021

Hey Leo, we’re so sorry to hear this…Can you reach out to us here so we can make things right? 1-405-445-7219Hours of Op: (PT)Monday – Thurs 9-4:30Friday 9-2

Leo Sheetz
Leo Sheetz

January 08, 2021

I am on my third day of mine go air true wireless J lab earbuds and already the sound pauses out every two seconds. I’m not impressed as these are brand new. What is the deal? I literally put them through the test and had my phone up in my apartment while I was three stories down with all the door shut concrete included. No issues at all. But that was short-lived because by D3 the sound cuts in and out. I’m seriously upset and this is my Christmas present

John Golden
John Golden

March 26, 2019

I have a $20 pair of Walmart bought JLabs that USED to be great, except for the mic. I could ride my motorcycle (sans skid lid, OF COURSE), work, whatever, and enjoyed great sound. Only recently have I had connectivity issue. They seem to pause at random. However, mine have been through a washer AND dryer, and still work. Best $20 I ever spent aside for bomb-ass bud.


August 09, 2018

My JLab wireless headphones are switching sides on the audio not working. I’ve tried turning them off and on again and it isn’t working. How do I fix it without trying to take it apart?


September 07, 2016

I’m having the same bluetooth cut-out issues as Paul Luke. The JLab team was very quick to respond to my e-mail and are replacing my headset without any questions asked… I’m hoping that resolves my connection issues. It seems absurd that I couldn’t keep my phone in my pocket (working out or walking down the street in jeans/shorts) and maintain a decent connection, just turning my head would make them cut out. Hoping the replacement fixes this problem. The battery life on these was the best I’ve ever seen so far. The sound quality and fit are ideal. Fingers crossed. If I have the same connection problems with my replacement pair, I’m sadly moving on…

Paul Luke
Paul Luke

August 14, 2016

I’m glad to read your comment Jason as my experience is the same. I’ve used my Jlab epic headphones for almost a year now 5x a week for running and lifting. I bought them on suggestion from the wirecutter. While the fit works for me, and the sound is good, the Bluetooth phone/mic is all but useless. I too have to dangle my right ear bud over the shoulder for those I talk to to even get close to hearing me, which is a stretch.

I also get poor connection issues, with my music often breaking up during my workouts. It should be noted I always use the protective case when traveling, and have never gotten my headphones wet. Here in the guide, it says your body could be blocking the signal, which makes sense, but seems poor design. Most people I know (including myself) put their phone in the pocket to workout. What are we supposed to do, strap it our head to ensure good connection? Even at the arm band level, that eliminates the need for Bluetooth, and might as well be a wired connection!

Finally, I find it extremely irritating that if you come close to turning your volume to max the ui screams “MAXIMUM VOLUME!!!” Not pausing your music and often repeating itself. It’s a small issue, but if you listen to books or podcasts like I do it can cause you to miss whole sentences before resuming your audio.

Overall, they are good headphones in terms of sound, but it seems that for me, the drawbacks of the benefits outweigh the price tag.


February 03, 2016

I bought the JLab Epic to replace my Plantronics Beats GO 2 that I thought were lost. I surfed/shopped around the internet and found the recommendation of the JLab EPIC on
To be perfectly honest I am not impressed. I thought it was just me having to get use the design and function but it has been 3+ months and I have since found my Plantronics and have tabled the JLabs.
The fit has never been that great. I went through all of the included ear buds and could not find the right fit.
Even though they are very adjustable, I can never seem to get the ear-loops to fit and stay put.
My main use for the EPIC is for the gym; I am constantly adjusting them or reseating them in my ears. Trying to jump rope is asking for them to go flying through the air like a crazy bolo.
Trying to use the EPIC to talk on the phone was a frustrating experience. The other person can never hear me correctly, I have to remove the right earbud and let dangle down in order for the microphone to be in better position. It really just defeats the purpose.
So now I have been using my old Plantronics Beats GO 2 for the a little over a week and they are doing everything that I ask them to do and the EPICs, are stuffed in a drawer.

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