November 09, 2015

Meet Terra Teat, Marketing

Note: This is part of a series of blogs where you meet people from #TeamJLab (Insiders) - and get a peak into the inner workings of JLab Audio and what drives us to be the most accessible audio company in the industry. Our mission is to enhance an active lifestyle through incredible sound, inspired design, and innovative technology without the rockstar price.

Terra (left) at CEWeek in New York with Shannon Simpson (right), accepting the Best in Show Award for the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds.

Meet Terra

A self proclaimed multi-tasker, I love family, sports and being part of #TeamJLab. After 10+ years in marketing for several sporting goods companies, I feel like I've found the sweet spot at JLab Audio, where I can work in an awesome environment, promote awesome products and technology, and still have a connection to an active, fitness lifestyle. And I love raising two awesome kids (aged 3 and 9).

My Favorite Tunes

Music inspires me to run further (Thanks RockMyRun). Keeps me focused (work). And creates a mood (hubby would say it can always use improvement). I listen to everything and when in doubt will go to the hits or country. I'm hitting up a Garth Brooks concert later this month - and should know every song!



Top 5 JLab Products                   

  • Best for running: I usetheEPIC Bluetooth with small gel tips. In fact, I've logged some serious time with these and not been gentle while training for my first half marathon.  I'm probably 100 miles in.

My go-tos for a long run. #flatlay #ootd #run gear that makes me #runhappy.

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  • Best for the office: I love the Flex Headphones for work. We work in an awesome, open area space so when I need to concentrate and get in the zone, I pop the Flex Headphones on!

  • Best under $20:The Core Earbuds are so comfortable and designed for a slightly smaller ear. I use small tips and sometimes use the small fin. The value is unbelieveable with Cush Fins. I'm excited for some Core-like earbuds we're launching later this year too!

    Core #earbuds roadtrippin'. #headphones #style #comfort #monday #rockitout #jlabaudio #jlab #flying

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    • Best for home: We blast the Crasher 2.0 Speaker for our barbeques and get-togethers.  It usually ends outside on the patio.

    • Best for kids: These buddies have seriously saved me ... when I need to take my 3-year-old to a Carlsbad Youth Baseball board meeting, I plug her into a video to keep her occupied. Thanks JBuddies!

    Follow Terra

    Want to see more from Terra? Follow her on Twitter: @jlabterra or Instagram @jlabterra


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