May 01, 2019

C3 Calling Technology

True to our mission, JLab wants to enhance how you GO through life - now with C3 Calling, making it easier to talk and be heard clearly on your phone calls.

Our C3 Calling technology gives you crystal clear clarity phone calls. When you see C3 Calling on a product, you’re getting dual microphones and stereo audio.


We built two microphones in the earbud to help your voice sound much clearer on the other end. Essentially, one microphone is eliminating the unwanted background noise while the other is picking up only your voice.

  • Omni-directional Microphone

    Picks up environmental noise and eliminates it from the audio going to the person on the other end.
  • Targeted Microphone

    Pointed at your mouth to capture the best voice audio.

Both combine to provide the best calling experience. 

Jbuds Air Executive microphone graphicJBuds Air Executive


The earbuds are also designed with stereo calling, which means you can hear the conversation in both earbuds.

Shop our earbuds that feature the dual microphones:

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