Flex Bluetooth ANC Technology: Active Noise Canceling + Incredible Sound

In case you missed our previous blog on how active noise canceling technology works here’s a recap and your first chance to enter the Flex Bluetooth ANC Technology Sweepstakes!

Bring on the planes, trains, and automobiles. JLab’s JQuiet™ Active Noise Canceling Technology takes those annoying ambient noises from travel or a busy environment, and neutralizes them so you can experience amazing audio for up to 60 hours all while wearing the Flex Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones.

How does noise cancellation work?

Step 1: The incoming ambient sounds (planes, trains, and automobiles) are trying to break through your headphone’s barrier.

Step 2: Inside the headphone is a microphone that picks up those sounds and sends them through the noise canceling process.

Step 3: A noise cancellation circuity inverts the wave to create a new waveform and sends it to the headphones speaker.

Step 4: The original ambient sound and new waveform meet and cancel each other out, clearing your music from those pesky distraction noises.

Incredible Sound

Along with our noise canceling technology, JLab’s award-winning C3™ sound delivers a clean, crisp, immersive sound with vibrant highs, mids and drop it like it’s hot bass through pristine high-performance neodymium backed 40mm drivers.

Flex Word of the Day:  JQuiet™

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See how the Flex Bluetooth ANC Headphones compares across several specs:

JLab Audio Flex Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones vs. Competitors

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Stephen Tenyak
Stephen Tenyak

September 21, 2016


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