#GOBACK Sweepstakes - Wednesday Fashion

May 16, 2018

Day three of #GOBACK Sweepstakes is all about our favorite fashion of the 80s & 90s! The good and the bad, we're here to acknowledge it all, even the trends that are coming back in style today. Who else remembers the big hair, bold colors, and LOTS of denim? 

Let us know what throwback fashion is your favorite in the form below for a chance to win a Rewind Wireless Retro Headphone!


Here's some fun trivia about 80s & 90s fashion in case you missed it on our Instagram:

How much were “Jelly Shoes” or “Jellies” sold for in the early 1980’s?

Less than $1

The movie Flashdance made what article of clothing popular?

Leg Warmers

Air Jordan Basketball Shoes made their debut in what year?


Popular hair accessories of the 90s?

Scrunchies and butterfly clips

What accessory went up in sales after the release of Top Gun?

Ray-Ban Aviators


The #GOBACK Sweepstakes has officially ended, thank you for your participation!

Didn't win, but still want to listen to your tunes in retro style? Shop the Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones here.



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