November 19, 2018

How the JBuds Air Compare

After launching on October 1, audio lovers have been blown away by the JBuds Air features and value, asking how they compare to others in the marketplace. Here's a deep dive into how the JBuds Air compare side-by-side with other true wireless products.

All information pertaining to each product has been gathered from their respective company’s website.

JBuds Air

jbuds air


The JBuds Air offer a quality True Wireless product that won’t break the bank. At $49, the JBuds Air are truly one of the best deals you can find for a True Wireless product.

Water and Dustproof Rating

With an IP55 rating, the JBuds Air are water and dirt resistant. This means that you can work out and travel with the JBuds Air without worrying about adverse conditions.

For more information on IP ratings, check out our blog post regarding the IP rating scale.

Total Playtime

The JBuds Air have a 4-hour standalone battery life with an additional 10 hours of charge in its travel case.


The JBuds Air are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, the latest version of Bluetooth.

For more information regarding Bluetooth 5.0, check out our blog post regarding the newest updates to Bluetooth technology.


As with all JLab Bluetooth products, the JBuds Air are covered under a 2-year warranty.

Notable Features

Unique to the JBuds Air, there are 3 Custom EQ Sound settings. These options include the JLab Signature Sound, Balanced, and Bass Boost. To find out more about our Custom EQ3 Sound, check out this blog post.

Now, let’s see how our own JBuds air compare!


jbuds air comparison charg



JBuds Air Vs Jabra 65t Elite

jbuds air vs jabra elite


Notable Features of the Jabra Elite 65t

The Jabra Elite 65t comes with their Sound+ phone application, allowing for personalization of audio settings, control of how much nearby noise filters in, and keeping track of your battery life.



JBuds Air Vs. Samsung IconX

jbuds air vs samsung iconx


Notable Features of the IconX

The IconX have an additional 4gb of built-in storage, allowing for music to be stored and played on the device by itself without connection to a phone.


Overall, each product has their respective strengths. However, at a price of $49 for a True Wireless product, you can see why the SoundGuys give the JBuds Air the “Best bang for your buck” in their rating of best true wireless earbuds.

Learn more about JBuds Air here. 

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