JLab Audio App Launches

JLab Audio has gone mobile! We're excited to announce that you can now shop all of your favorite products with just a few clicks on your phone and burn-in your newly fresh headphones. Currently only available for Apple and Android users. (Oh and it’s free!)

Get the iOS app | Get the Android app

Search JLab Audio in your app store and look for this icon:

What you'll be able to do:

1. Be the first to know! App users will be able to know about new products before anyone else.  
2. Snag exclusive deals and discounts early.
3. Use our Audio Burn-in Tool (on any brand). For all you audiophiles out there, we know you'll appreciate this feature. (Unsure what burn-in is? Check out this page.)
4. Shop and search products. All of our products are accessible through in app purchases. Shopping on the go!
5. See what's trending in our store. We'll tell you what the hottest products are among other shoppers.
6. Connect with us on social media. With just a click you'll be taken to our awesome social media pages. 
7. Check out exclusive content and videos provided and created by yours truly!


We know you're busy with those active  lifestyles, so we really wanted to make your  shopping experience easier than ever! Let us  know any trouble you may have and we'd be  happy to assist.

Get the iOS app | Get the Android app



September 20, 2016

I can’t see it on the Android Play store in Australia


September 07, 2016

The app works perfectly on my Galaxy S6. I have been doing a few hours of burn in, on my new Flex USA headphones. I have used the burn in feature when it was on just the website, and you do notice a difference! I recommend burn in for sure.

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