Recycling Your Electronics

April 22, 2018

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to help give some insight on why recycling your electronics is so important and how to do it! You may not know, but computers, keyboards, monitors, phones, and headphones can all be recycled and they should be in order to keep our planet clean. 

Why is throwing out electronics bad?

Electronics are filled with hazardous chemicals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, so when we simply throw them out, they're ending up in land fills and potentially leaking into our water supply, and ecosystem damaging our water and food.

Where should I bring them instead?

There's a couple of options you have for getting rid of old electronics.

1. You could donate them. Computers with Causes is a good option.

2. Best Buy also has a recycling program, and you can receive a gift card from them.

3. Don't forget to send us your old earbuds, headphones, and speakers as part of our own Recycling Program! We'll send you a 30% off discount once you do. 

Someone could steal your information.

When you throw out an old computer, tablet, or phone someone could potentially find that later and steal your information off of the device. Make sure you wipe it clean first by using a certified e-cycler to clear all data and then send it to recycling. 

Your electronic may be able to be saved. 

You can easily find a company to hand off your old but functioning electronic to who will refurbish and sell as a used item for others. Some places will even restore them and donate to schools, families, or soldiers overseas. 


GO green with us! Send us your old earbuds, headphones, or speakers and we'll recycle them for you! Once you send them in we'll send you a 30% off code to shop our site with and get yourself new products! Learn more here. 

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