JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds


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JBuds Air vs. Competition

Best true wireless earbuds compared to: Apple, and Anker


First Time Set Up: Bluetooth Pairing

How to wirelessly connect your JBuds Air

If the right earbud is working but left isn't

Connect/Reconnect the left and right earbuds

If the right earbud is working but no sound is coming out of the left, follow these steps or watch the video below to pair the two earbuds together.

1. When earbuds are off, press and hold 15+ seconds on the RIGHT earbud button. While holding, earbud will flash blue and white.Release when earbud flashes white.

2. Repeat process with LEFT earbud: Press and hold 15+ seconds on earbud button. Release when earbud flashes white.Once earbuds connect, the right earbud will flash blue and white indicating it is ready to connect to Bluetooth.

3. Now you are ready to connect to your Bluetooth device.

How to Control Your JBuds Air

Controls for your JBuds Air

How To Fit Your JBuds Air

How to fit your JBuds Air

How to connect, controls, charging, reconnecting and more

Skip to specific topics in the video here:

1. What's included - 0:04

2. Connecting to your device - 0:22

3. Pairing to a new/additional device - 1:44

4. Button Controls - 2:27

5. Cush Fin & Ear Tip Fitting - 3:15

6. Charging - 3:48

7. Connecting/Reconnect Left & Right Earbuds: 4:10

How To Avoid Echoes on Phone Calls

How To Avoid Echos on Phone Calls

First to know

First to Know