Brooke Daigneault - Surfer

About Brooke

Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, Brooke was destine to be a surfer. Shredding waves since she was a little grom, her dreams have only gotten bigger and at 22-years-old, she is determined to become a professional surfer. Brooke has competed in competitions since her early childhood where she continued to grow as an individual and progress her career in the sport. As any athlete's goal is to win, Brooke's goal is to further her passion and turn it into her career. She works hard for herself, her family, friends, and sponsors who she represent daily in and out of the water. With all of this support she hopes to return the favor, travel the world, and compete in the Qualifying Series for professional surfers and eventually qualify for the Championship Tour. While pursuing her dreams to become a profession surfer, she has graduated college with an AA Degree in Communications. Her education is extremely important to her, but in the water on a surfboard is where her heart and soul lies. Follow Brooke's journey, via @brookedag, to see how she puts in the work day in and day out to get on that Championship Tour!

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