Norris Frederick - Long Jumper

About Norris

For the past eleven years Norris Frederick's life has been measured in inches as a world renowned long jumper, representing the United States. Norris originally played basketball and left the crowd in awe with his hops. Receiving a scholarship, originally for basketball, he decided he wanted to achieve success in another sport.

As a collegiate athlete, Norris attended the University of Washington and competed as a Long Jumper. At the collegiate level he was awarded eleven, count that again, ELEVEN NCAA All American titles. He has been in the top ten world ranking for his event and has been ranked the number one long jumper in the world!

After humbly accepting these achievements, he still strives to achieve more. Norris not only wants to achieve the best record in the world, he wants to attain an Olympic Gold Medal.

Off the track, Norris loves to play basketball and watch one of his thousand movies he owns in his spare time. Join JLab and our newest Brand Ambassador Norris Frederick's journey to the Gold by following him on all of his social media sites! We're on #TeamFrederick!


  • 11 NCAA All-American Titles
  • 2016 Olympic hopeful
  • Guilty pleasure food: candy!

Norris's Picks

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