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We are happy to support our veterans and current military of this beautiful country, so to show our support we're offering 40% off your next purchase! Fill out the form below and an email will be sent to you with your exclusive discount code. 

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Must use your military email address. If you don't have a military email address, you'll need to send an email to with a photo of your military id or a photo of you in your uniform.

Learn about how JLab Audio has supported two soldiers, one currently overseas fighting for our freedom, and one former Marine representing his country in the boxing ring on #TeamJLab.


Learn about how JLab Audio's donation to a recently deployed soldier stationed in the Middle East has helped their team get through the toughest of days with music here. 


Nicknamed "Semper Fi," #TeamJLab's Jamel Herring, is a former US Marine, who served 2 tours in Iraq and boxed for TeamUSA. Learn more about his journey here.

How the #SoundOfFreedom got started: 

On Feb. 1, 2016 the Army Times posted a story regarding our troops desire to wear earbuds while in PT uniforms and shortly after USA Today joined the conversation with this article "Army's top enlisted soldier pushes for OK to use earbuds with PT uniforms."

There’s nothing like the #SoundOfFreedom. We support soldiers wearing earbuds in PT uniforms and are showing our love by offering 40% off any purchase to all active military and veterans. Complete the form above, and we'll send you a coupon for 40% off any order at