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Justin Ferreira, also known as The Tri Life, knows a thing or two about triathlon training. Having jumped in to the sport only shortly after college, Justin was determined to beat his brother in his first triathlon (which he failed to do so). Thankfully for Justin, this sparked something in him to fall in love with the sport and push him to only better himself in each race thereafter. In the past eight years Justin has completed a full distance Ironman Triathlon, set a personal record of 2:06:53 for the New York City Tri (Olympic Distance), and has placed 2nd in his age group, among many other accomplishments.

For Justin, triathlons aren’t just about competing, training gives him the escape he needs in his day to day life which keeps it enjoyable for him. “Swimming, biking, and running provides an opportunity to clear my head and collect my thoughts on the day,” says Justin. Music is important for his training, which could be hours long. Justin tunes out distractions and focuses on the task ahead of him typically with his Epic Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds.

Justin shares his knowledge on all things triathlons including training tips, race gear, and recent news in the industry on his site The Tri Life where he inspires others who hope to conquer triathlons. Currently, Justin is working towards accomplishing his personal goal for 2016 of breaking the two-hour mark in an Olympic Distance triathlon.

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  • 2015: 20th in the Men’s Open Division of the New York City Tri
  • 2014: Finished Full Distance Ironman Triathlon in Maryland
  • 2014: PR in the New York City Tri (Olympic Distance) with a time of 2:06:53
  • 2014: Placed 17th in the Men’s Open Division
  • 2010: Placed 2nd in Age Group with a time of 2:18:25
  • 2010: Placed 12 in the US Open Triathlon

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