Cloud Foam™ Mnemonic Universal Earbud Tips

GO Comfortable. 

JLab's Cloud Foam™ eartips provide additional comfort to the many styles of earbuds. Why use these? Cloud Foam is ideal for long wears, such as traveling, marathons, or even a long day at work. It provides less ear fatigue than standard eartips. They're ideal on our JBuds Pro Signature Bluetooth Earbuds, Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds, and Epic Executive Active Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds.

If gel eartips just don't feel right in your ear, it's time to try Cloud Foam™ . Expanding in your ear to just the right fit, providing all day comfort, and moisture wicking material, you'll have yourself the best eartips yet. It's time to GO comfortably. 

How to Use:

  1. Replace earbud tips with JLab Cloud Foam™ tip
  2. Roll tip into thin, round cylinder
  3. Insert tip into ear
  4. Hold tip in place until you feel it expand
  • Natural Comfort

    Whether it’s for long flights, your early morning run, or long travels, our Cloud Foam™ eartips will give you soft all-day comfort while you GO. Cloud Foam™ provides longer comfort than silicone, giving you a better listening experience.

    Just the Right Fit

    Forget ear fatigue, choose from three different sized eartips that are compatible with any brand earbud to give you that perfect fit. With the right size, the Cloud Foam™ will expand after placed in your ear to never slip out.

    Everyday Use

    A moisture wicking material allows you to GO through any sweaty workout or hot day knowing your eartips can handle it all without falling apart or losing their fit.

    • 4 Cloud Foam™ Tip Sizes 
    • Black 1 S, 1 M, 1 L
    • Blue 1 M

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