Earbuds Travel Case

Protect Your Earbuds

The Perfect Travel Case.
JLab's Earbuds Travel Case is the perfect travel case for your JBuds and most other compact earbuds. Use it to protect, organize, and prolong the life of your earbuds when you are on the move. It's also a great fit for your iPod Shuffle, Multi-Touch iPod Nano, SD cards, and other small items!

  • Rugged, Functional Construction.
    The thick EVA outer shell will protect your earbuds in your pocket or bag, while the soft inner lining will keep them from getting scuffed or scratched. The molded rubber zipper grips allow you a firm grasp on the Earbuds Travel Case while on the move.

    Plenty of Space Inside.
    With over two inches interior diameter and an integrated secure mesh pocket, this cool little case is also great for storing and protecting your SD memory cards, small photographic lens filters, earphone splitters, or any other small items you need to carry with you.

    • Ultra portable, rugged, stylish case for any pair of compact earbuds.
    • Soft inner cloth lining to protect your earbuds.
    • Interior mesh pocket to hold other small items.
    • Measures 2.5 inches inside diameter.
    • Can also store and protect lens filters and other small items for travel.

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