Go Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Freedom to Listen. Wherever You GO.

A hands-free liberation - no matter what you're into.
We're shattering your old-school, wire-bound shackles to let you bask in the afterglow of pure audio freedom. Run, walk, bike, hike. Just GO.

  • Free yourself. Powered by Bluetooth® 2.0. It's the most advanced hands-free stereo headphone available, powered by the industry's popular Bluetooth® 2.0 standard. Connect any device - mobile, tablet, desktop and more - to wirelessly enjoy your music. Your way.

    Control your Whoa. Volume control. Track control. Total control. Do everything you need right from GO. Yeah, whoa.

    Yeah, it just fits. And what a feeling it is. Caress your globe with a wireless, wrap-around design for a light, comfortable and secure fit, regardless of size. That's nice.

    Sound logic. Brought to you by the sweet, full bass from JLab's dynamic 13-millimeter drivers. They're finely tuned to keep the music right. And you motivated.

    We're going streaming. Crystal-clear music streamed right from your favorite mobile apps. Seamless audio goodness straight from Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Songza and more.

    GO long. Feel free to roam up to 30 feet away from your device. And with an integrated mic, you'll stay connected without missing the beat. Or dropping that call.

    • Bluetooth® 2.0 support for streaming audio from compatible mobile devices and MP3 players
    • Innovative wireless and sweat proof, wrap-around design
    • Up to five hours of playback time between charges
    • Includes seven tip sizes for a secure fit
    • Micro USB cable for easy charging
    • JLab's World-Class Warranty & Service
  • Click here to download manual PDF

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