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Flex Headphone Technology: Incredible Sound

October 08, 2015

JLab Audio Flex Over-Ear Studio Headphone Frequency RangeJLab’s award-winning sound, C3™ (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology delivers a clean, crisp, immersive sound through the new Flex Over-Ear Studio Headphones
Flex Headphone Technology: Durability & Build

October 07, 2015

JLab Audio Flex Headphone Technology: Durability & BuildBuilt to last, FLEX Headphones feature category-leading materials without the rock-star price.
Flex Headphone Technology: Maximum Portability and Mobility

October 06, 2015

JLab Audio Flex Over-Ear HeadphonesThe Flex Headphones were made with DJ-inspired mobility as a priority because DJs are always moovin' and groovin'.

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