Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Weight

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsThe lightest, sleekest Bluetooth earbud we've ever made, the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds weigh in at only 15g. Learn more .... View full article →

Epic Tech Sweeps

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth Earbuds

Enter to win the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds for you and a friend! 

Every day this week we'll be posting a blog about the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds and a specific technology comparison.  At the end of each blog, you'll see an 'Epic Word of the Day'.  Use this word to enter the Epic Tech Sweeps at www.jlabaudio.com/blogs/news under Epic Tech Sweeps Blog post.

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Warm up your new headphones with Audio Burn-in

JLab Audio Bluetooth Wireless Bundle

Just like participating in any physical activity, you need to properly warm up your body before you start to push yourself. The same goes for your audio equipment.

To get optimum sound out of your earbuds, headphones, or speakers, we suggested that you warm them up with an audio burn-in.

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"Take You Home" by Scars on 45 with JLab Audio

Scars On 45 "Take You Home" Music VideoScars on 45 launched their new music video, "Take You Home", this week and it can be summed up in two words, absolutely lovely. 

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Neon Earbuds Now Available at Walmart

JLab Audio announced today its Neon Aluminum Earbuds are available at  select Walmart stores today. All Walmart stores will carry the Neon Earbuds starting mid May in four colors: Coral/Teal, Blue/Orange, Black/Pink, Gray/Yellow.  

In conjunction with the initial launch at Walmart, JLab announces its #RockItOut Store Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Grand Prize: One year supply of earbuds to mix and match all year long ($600 value). Learn more ....

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#RockItOut Store Sweepstakes

JLab announces its #RockItOut Store Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Grand Prize of one year’s supply of wired earbuds (valued at $600)! Ten 2nd place winners will receive a pair of Neon Earbuds. Learn more ... View full article →

See you tomorrow on The Doctors with Honey Boo Boo

What do Honey Boo Boo and Epic Bluetooth Earbuds have in common? Well, they'll both be appearing on The Doctors tomorrow.

Along with featuring JLab's latest wireless fitness earbuds, The Doctors confront Mama June over Honey Boo Boo's Weight! Tune in tomorrow February 25, 2015.

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Prolific Athletes Train For 2015 NFL Combine

For months leading up to the NFL Combine, Prolific hosts about fifteen of the top college football players training them at their 15,000 square foot facility in Carlsbad, California.The Washington Post, Yahoo Sports, UT San Diego, Fox Sports, Sporting News and many more have recognized Prolific for their success in training some of the biggest names in the NFL Combine this year. Hosting former competitors, such as Marcus Mariota, Bryce Petty, and Jameis Winston, Prolific has been seeing tremendous growth and improvements in their athletes. Continue Reading ...
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Fast Company Features JLab Audio's President

We're pumped to see the boss man featured in Fast Company's article '3 COMPANY CULTURE RULES THAT WILL SAVE YOUR STARTUP FROM IMPLOSION.'

JLab Audio's history as a startup company has earned JLab President, Win Cramer, to share his thoughts on Fast Company's recent article on the importance of culture in the early stages of a company. Cramer is quoted:

"Weed out those that don’t fit, fast. Nothing can be more problematic to the culture of a corporation that’s growing fast than the person that just doesn’t fit in. I’ve made this mistake and hung on too long, and it bit me in the ass."

At JLab Audio, we are fortunate enough to live, eat and breath a structure that allows us to maintain our individuality, yet stay focused on our corporate structure set in place. With Win's leadership, corporate culture standards that are set, and ability to make tough decisions has lead to JLab's increased success year by year. As JLab is rapidly growing, we are constantly reminded where we started. We are proof that if you can dream it, you can do it. #RockitOut 


To read more, you can find this article on Fast Company's website, or click here.


Core Custom Fit Earbuds with Cush Fin Technology


If the Epic Earbuds and the Diego Earbuds had a baby, which earbuds would it be? If you guessed the Core Earbuds, you're right!

JLab Audio's President, Win Cramer, had a vision with the newest addition to the JLab earbud family. Win's vision came to life: "We wanted to create the ultimate affordable earbud. Not only does the core earbud look, feel, and sound amazing, but at $20 we built the ultimate earbud at a price everyone can afford," Cramer said. And boy is he right.

JLab Audio's Core Custom Fit Earbuds

Introducing the Core Custom Fit Earbuds from JLab Audio. Reed Crawford, industrial designer of both the Epic Premium Earbuds and Diego Earbuds, took the best of both worlds and created the Core Custom Fit Earbuds with Cush Fin Technology. The ergonomics of the Epic Premium Earbuds and some design elements of the Diego Earbuds came together perfectly to create the unique style, ideal fit for smaller ears, and JLab's signature high quality sound Core Earbuds.

"Building from our Epic wired earbuds, we wanted the Core to fit a smaller ear and fit another demographic, but still try to utilize the Cush Fin Technology into the form factor," Crawford said.

Let's talk style. Now, we know the Epic and Diego Earbuds are pretty darn stylish, but we added another element to the Core Earbuds to make them even more unique. The dual colored cable was a choice made to stand out of the crowd. Our Black on Black option is a classic, I mean who doesn't look good in black? We have the classic Black/Black option and added a JLab signature Neon Blue/Black, plus bright colors, Neon Green/Black, and Neon Pink/Black. 

The Core Earbuds are stylish and sleeker than ever with the mic and track control. By utilizing a dual injection mold design, JLab took the extra step to ensure quality of fusing the earbud together instead of glueing it.  This means the Core Earbuds are made for durability and are built to last any hardCORE workout you have in mind.

Not only do the Core Custom Fit Earbuds look good, and are more durable, they also have a more comfortable fit. The fit of the Core Earbuds was designed to have more versatility for male and female users with smaller ears. With female users in mind, we designed the Core's to be smaller than the Epic Earbuds and a more comfortable fit than the Diego Earbuds. Our Cush Fin technology was specifically made for that extra lock-in feature during athletic related activities, including four extra gel tips to find your custom fit. So go ahead put your soft, comfortable Core Earbuds in, turn it up, and give them a little tug. They'll stay put and won't disappoint.

Finally, the topic we've all been waiting for, the incredible sound of the Core Earbuds! With our proprietary C3 technology, you are getting the Crystal Clear Clarity that you deserve. The pristine, high performance 11mm driver was made larger, but made to fit a smaller size bud than the Epic Wired Earbuds. They are functionally a great size to boast vibrant highs, mids and to pump that bass, in a smaller earbud. You have the freedom to #RockItOut like a rockstar wherever you please!

With JLab's One-Year Warranty Program and the sophistication of design, the Core Custom Fit Earbuds with Cush Fin Technology were built to last giving you top notch quality all in one pair of earbuds.

Grab your pair of Core Custom Fit Earbuds today so you can #HookItUp and #RockItOut!


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