#TeamJLab Jamel Herring Fight Night

Team JLab's Olympic boxer Jamel Herring is prepping for one of the biggest fights of his career later this month! On August 26, he'll be fighting on the same fight card as Mayweather vs. McGregor against opponent Ladarius Miller
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Head Back to School with JLab Gear

We're here to help you get ready to head back to school and check the easy things off your list...like headphones, earbuds, and speakers. From college, to high school, to elementary school we have styles, sizes, and fun colors to make everyone happy.

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JLab Audio is the Fastest Growing Headphone Brand

We recently got our hands on some awesome new data from the NPD Group about the audio market and where JLab lands. Confirming something we were already confident of, JLab Audio is the fastest growing major headphone brand in June 2017 with the largest gain in distribution.*
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#TeamJLab Coco Zurita Wins Bronze At X Games

The X Games can make your adrenaline rush just by watching the events, let alone participating in them. #TeamJLab Ambassador Coco Zurita, our professional BMX rider, is always catching serious air...and he did this week at the X Games in Minneapolis. Competing in the 2017 BMX Vert Coco is taking home a Bronze Medal! 

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#TeamJLab Betsi Flint & Kelley Larsen Win Big

They're unstoppable in the Beach Volleyball world. After taking second at the AVP Seattle Open, #TeamJLab Betsi Flint and Kelley Larsen were determined to take first in their next major tournament. And they did...this past weekend the girls took home a 1st place win at the AVP Women's San Francisco Open 2017

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10 Tips for Caring for Your Earbuds or Headphones

We all have that pair of (JLab) headphones or earbuds that we use vigorously and beat up. You probably feel as if you just bought them and you’ve already put them through the worst. So we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on cleaning and caring for your earbuds in order to keep them in tip top shape a little longer from all that wear and tear. Click to read more!
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Gravity Tech Sweeps: Versatility

 Does it feel like neckbands popped up out of nowhere? Are they meant for taking a walk? Business calls? Commuting? Yes, they're good for it all. Don't forget to ENTER TO WIN every day this week! View full article →

Gravity Tech Sweeps: Fit & Comfort

The Gravity Bluetooth Neckband will fit around any neck and rest easy on any shoulders. Made with medical grade silicone, it has flexibility to lay naturally around your neck. That means no heaviness, no jabbing in to your collarbone and no irritation. Enter to win the Gravity Tech Sweeps Day 3!
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Gravity Tech Sweeps: Controls & Durability

No matter what controls your earbuds or headphones are designed with, once plugged into the Gravity they’ll begin using its universal controls. You can play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume. With everything right at your fingertips, why need anything else?

To add to its’ awesome features, the neckband has a built-in microphone, so you can take and reject calls without touching your phone. Get 12-hours of talk time with the Gravity and chat it up!

Made with medical grade silicone, the Gravity will never rub or irritate while you wear it getting your daily tasks done. It’s lightweight, non-irritating, and has an IPX4 water resistant rating so it can handle some slight sweat. It'll go anywhere, and everywhere with you. 

Word of the Day: Gravity

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Gravity Tech Sweeps: Wired to Wireless

This is the ultimate tech transformation. Do you love your wired earbuds that provide you with perfect sound but wish you could cut the wires?

The Gravity Bluetooth Neckband Adaptor lets you do just that. Plug in ANY earbud, ANY brand with a 3.5mm headphone jack into the neckband and you have Bluetooth capability. That's right; you don't need to use JLab earbuds or headphones with the neckband, we're letting you keep the other brands you use. However, the Gravity does come with our JBuds Pro Signature Earbuds so you can use it right out of the box. 

Utilizing the Bluetooth 4.1 connection in the neckband, your earbuds will be transformed to wireless. It helps to focus on the neckband as a Bluetooth adaptor, just in a larger body than most (and it sits around your neck).  

Simply, tuck the wires in their organizer and no one will ever know they're really wired. Letting the neckband do the work, you can use all the controls built in even if your earbud doesn’t have their own.

Enjoy the world of hands free for up to 10 hours while you finish painting a room, wash your car, or simply hang out by the pool. Packaged with a micro USB cable, you can jump back to wired while you recharge, then back to wireless!

Word of the Day: Transformation

The Gravity Bluetooth Tech Sweeps has officially ended. Thank you for your participation. Please register for our email list to stay tuned for future sweepstakes and contest: http://www.jlabaudio.com/pages/newsletter-signup


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