Sound & Vision Reviews JLab's Party Series

Known for their trustworthy reporting on everything audio and electronics, Sound & Vision gave their thoughts on JLab's Party Series Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speakers. We'll let you read for yourself, but once again we left a great impression with the Party Series booming sound. 


"This is a speaker series that I can see using in a variety of situations, both inside and out."


Read the full review here!
Photo credit: Sound & Vision


Don't forget to shop the Party Series and connect as many as eight!



Head-Fi Reviews Party Series Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speakers

The popular technology discussion site recently reviewed JLab's newest speaker family, the Party Series Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speakers. With the ability to connect as many as eight throughout your home, they highly recommended them for their ability to connect anywhere without wifi or an app. Head here to check the review out. 

Don't forget to get yourself a pair (or more) to fill your home with all the jams you want!



Dealerscope Unboxes JLab's Flex Bluetooth Headphones

Dealerscope recently posted their review and unboxing of our Flex Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones with their writer Rob Stott (heads up, he loves them).

Check it out and be sure to shop all our headphones!




JLab Flex Studio Folding Headphones Featured on Extra

Even if you only watch Extra to look at Mario Lopez, tune in tonight at 7pm (pacific time) to check out JLab's Flex Studio Folding Headphones featured in their Pop-Up Shop segment where they're showing viewers some cool tech products. 

Make sure to shop all our headphones (in case you're looking for wireless instead), we've got you covered to get out there and #FINDYOURGO!

ScottVsBox Unboxes JLab's Crasher XL Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

The highly energetic Scott from the YouTube channel ScottVsBox opened up the Crasher XL Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker for his viewers to see. Don't forget this sturdy speaker has a 13 hour battery life and IPX6 splashproof rating, all packed in to a durable build with amazing sound. Check it out below!


JLab Wins A 2017 Dealerscope IMPACT! Award

JLab recently won a 2017 Dealerscope IMPACT! Award for our Block Party Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speaker

This was the first year Dealerscope presented these awards which were voted by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and even consumers.

 Thanks Dealerscope! 

JLab Wins a 2017 CES Innovation Award

Not only did our team work hard at CES, but we also were able to take home a 2017 CES Innovation Award for our Party Series Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speakers

"The annual CES Innovation Awards celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products." - CES


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Kid's Headphones Segment on NBC Nightly News

Last night, The Wirecutter's knowledgeable headphones editor, Lauren Dragan, was featured on NBC's Nightly News to talk more about kid's headphones, safe listening, and the importance of volume limiters after her and Brent Butterworth's in depth article "The Best Kid's Headphones".

"Recent analysis of 30 children’s headphones found that nearly half of the products advertised as having volume limits actually allowed sounds to play above safe levels." -NBC

JLab Audio's JBuddies Studio Over Ear Folding Kids Headphones passed The Wirecutter's test as a volume safe headphone with our built in volume limiter. The twins that you see featured in NBC's airing are actually wearing our headphones and are indeed safe for them to use! 

Read more about us in "Tips for Using Kid's Headphones Safely" and "Kid's Headphones and Safe Listening". 

Check out NBC's segment:


JLab Epic2 Featured on KTLA

If you live in LA County, we hope you were up bright and early to watch KTLA this morning! Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro talked about the best wireless earbuds for your smartphone, and our Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds were his favorite!


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